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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer System

Society has reaped several edges from exploitation computers. A user is anyone UN agency communicates with the pc or makes use of the knowledge and it create. . each business and residential user will create sophisticated selections as a result of they need fast access to info from anyplace within the world. Students and different kinds of users have additional tools to help them within the learning method. Here we tend to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of exploiting computers.

Advantages of exploitation computer:

The advantages of exploitation computers area unit doable as a result of computers have the benefits of speed reliableness consistency storage and communication.


When knowledge instruction and knowledge flow in conjunction with electronic circuits in a very pc they travel at implausibly quick speeds. several computers tasks billions or trillions of functions in one second.


The electronic parts in fashionable computers area unit reliable as a result of they hardly break or fail.


Given an equivalent input and method, a pc can manufacture an equivalent result systematically. pc generate error-free results give the input is correct and therefore the instruction work.


Computer store huge amounts {of knowledge|of knowledge|of information} and create this data out there for process anytime it’s required.


Most computers these days will communicate with different computers usually wirelessly. the pc permits users to speak with each other.

Disadvantages of exploitation computer:

Some disadvantages of computers associated with the violation of privacy public safety the impact on the labour force health risk and therefore the impact on the setting.

Violation of privacy:

In several instances wherever personal and confidential records hold on on computers weren’t protected properly, people have found their privacy desecrated and their identity is purloined.

Public safety:

 Adults, teens and youngsters around the world area unit exploitation computers to share in public their photos videos journals music and different personal info. a number of these unsuspecting innocent pc users have fallen victim to crimes committed by dangerous strangers.

Impact on labor force:

all through computers have improved productivity and created a whole business with many thousands of recent jobs the talent of legion workers are replaced by computers. therefore it’s crucial that employee keep their education up so far. a definite impact on the labour force is that some firms area unit outsourcing jobs to foreign countries rather than keeping their land labour force used.

Health risk:

The extent of improper pc use will result in health injuries or disorders. pc users will shield themselves from health risks through correct geographical point style smart posture whereas at the pc and fittingly spaced work breaks. a pair of behavioural health risks or pc addiction and technology overload. pc addiction happens once somebody becomes passionate about employing a pc. people affected by technology overload feel distressed once bereft of computers and mobile devices.

Impact on the environment:

The pcs producing method and computer waste area unit reduced natural resources and polluting the setting. green computing involves reducing the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated once employing a pc. ways that support inexperienced computing embrace use regulation the producing method extending the lifetime of computers and straight off donating or properly disposing I’ve replaced computers.

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