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Importance of Science in Field of Life

Importance of Science in Field of Life

What is science:

 Science is empirical, rational, general and cumulative.

Science is empirical. because its result can be tested physically. It is empirical in that all its conclusion are subject to test by sense experience. Observation is the basis on which signs rest. Scientific observation is different from general observation. Scientific observation is made by a qualified observer under the condition of those things which confirm or disconfirm or controlled theory. Science uses facts to test general theories and general theories to make predictions about particular facts.

Importance of Science in Field of Life:

Scientific Observation:

Scientific observation may be made of things as they exist like the colour of an apple or the temperature of the air or it may be made of what results from an experiment. an experiment is a condition in order to bring about what we want to observe.

 For Example:

If we want to test the hypothesis that a new plastic can withstand two hundred pounds of pressure without crumbling. We may have to create a situation in which such pressure is applied to a piece of plastic. Because it is unlikely that the situation already lives anywhere in the world.

Rationality Of Science:

As we know that all scientific thoughts ultimately rest on observation. There is a vast portion of it which are entirely rational. It’s mean that we can analyse the meaning of terms deduction from theories and the connection between different facts. Logic is applied science constantly because logic contains the rules of valid thinking. Mathematics is also used in science. It functions both as language in which scientific laws are stated as the basis of measurement. Many of the most important successes in physics astronomy and chemistry are dependent on advances in the application of mathematics. Without calculus, the word Isaac Newton would have been impossible. But in some sciences, like biology psychology mathematics is not employed. It is also because logic and mathematics are used in science which can be measured.

Science Is Cumulative:

The nature of science tells us that science is cumulative in its effects. The scientific knowledge goes on increasing. The present knowledge of science is based on past knowledge. The new knowledge supersedes the old one. The fresh scientist knows more about physics and Aristotle. Scientific conclusions and results are temporary. They are bound to be revised. Wrong scientific results are corrected with the passage of time. If they are held correct in an absolute sense the research work in science will be arrested.

 Science Is Self Corrective:

Its mistakes are eliminated by more science. This distinguishes science from all other ways proposed for attaining truth. They are intuition, authority and tradition. Different institution authorities and traditions may contradict each other but each will Frimley be convinced of its own. These methods can be corrected only from outside themselves especially by truth logical criticisms and new evidence. But science is corrigible by its own practice. It is corrected through the continued application of its method. Science is reliable because it conclusion change after some time but they try to arrive at perfect truth.

Science In The Service Of Men:

Science is an objective study of nature and its law. It is an unending search for truth. It is the most useful quest of men. It has proved to be a loyal friend of humans. Its great services in the field of agriculture industry medicine and travelling are amazing. It has increased home and comfort with its vast range of inventions. It urged men to discover new secrets of the universe. It is an unending source of human struggle.

Life is a constant struggle. man has to toil throughout his life to meet the needs of life. He has to face the odds and danger of life. It is a science that has helped men to make a safe home for themselves. Now the service of science is even more glorious than the wonders of magic.


 Now there is no need to live in The Cave or the underground hole. In the past man live in The Cav or in the jungle. Earlier people were pitching tents somewhere And live there many times. He used to call his relatives there and settle a tribe there. But now a man built a high and magnificent building. The houses are full of the benefits provided by science. Now every person lives their own house. People make colonies and cities and live together. This invention of science makes the life of humans comfortable and safe.


In the past man had to travel on foot. Man used to walk thousands of miles to go anywhere. They use their animals as rides to go anywhere. But now travelling has become a pleasure for him. He can travel through the world for pleasure sake only. It is no more difficult and dangerous. Man has got the superior of birds in their flight. Man has invented a more speedy aeroplane than sound by which he can cover long distances in a short time. Trains buses cars and taxis all are available to convey us anywhere across the country. Man is no more sad to say goodbye to his near ones.

Mobile Or Telephone:

In the past, people used to write letters for messaging. Mobile has replaced letters with scientific advances. Now You can sit in any corner of the world and connect with your loved ones. Men can contact them in seconds on the telephone Internet and by other means of communication. all this is possible because of science

In Medical:

Science has performed wonders in the field of medicine. Now even the fatal diseases have been controlled. Wonderful drugs cure a man of his diseases. The most important of all is that it has given man a scientific outlook. Man has become rational in his approach. Science has reached its highest point in the field of surgery also.

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