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why is Junk Food Unhealthy

why is Junk Food Unhealthy

Junk food means that unhealthy food nowadays we see everywhere junk food instead of healthy food. In junk food Includes burger shawarma fries and all of the food that contain oil and fat. Nowadays, children, old and young alike love Junk food. Now Whatever function, wedding or party, one or the other of dish junk food will definitely be seen. Junk food has become part of our daily diet. As we know junk food is so much yummy that you don’t even know how much you eat it. Now there must be junk food in our daily diet. We have made it an essential part of our lives. We are eating it without seeing its benefits and harms. The highest number of junk food eaters is children. Now, whether it is happiness or an event, the first thing that is ordered is junk food. Jung Food is very easy to prepare, so everyone thinks it’s better to cook it easier than to cook healthy food that asks for hard work.

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The side effect of junk food

Junk food contains fat calories Sugar sugar salt in high quantities that all the things are harmful to our health therefore nowadays most the people suffer from any disease junk food mostly affect our stomach fat at heart. the people who eat mostly junk food they are suffered from heart diseases and have a chance of a heart attack. All people know that junk food is unhealthy for health But they do not give up eating it. After eating junk food we feel laziness. Sleepness is caused by the drop in the blood circulation as it gets accumulated in the inner wall of arteries. Junk food that contains sugar and fat is by cancer. Jank Food stalls are more visible in Bazar and other places than healthy food. No special care is taken for cleanliness while preparing Junk food.

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