Negative and Positive Effects of Media on society

Negative and Positive Effects of Media on society

The media is one such source that changes the world in the case of the global village. In earlier times peoples have very little information. Because at that time there is no media type such thing. There are some sources of media TV, computer, internet, mobile, telephone, newspapers, etc. Where the media has positive effects in the same negative effects there. Which are not only destroying our society it is also ruining our future generation. The importance of media has increased in modern times. Here we discuss some features of media with their positive and negative effects.


positive effect:

TV is not just making us enjoy different programs. It is also bringing us a lot of information. TV is modern and effective means of communication. Through TV, we can watch historical dramas of other countries sitting at home. Through TV, we can get Islamic information from home. Statements of great scholars are broadcast on TV. Same as housewives can get information about cooking to watch the cooking show on TV.

Negative effect:

While TV has some advantages, it also has disadvantages. There are some dramas that are against ethics that destroy our future generation. In the same way, sometimes the news that is broadcast on TV also gives wrong information. If any member of the assembly speaks against another member of the assembly during a TV interview there will be a fight in both the assemblies.



Internet is the biggest source of information. We can get any kind of information from the internet and this information should be linked to any area of life. Now students can get any kind of information related to their studies from the internet. Women can learn to cook while sitting at home. Not only this with the helo of the internet we can make money at home

Negative effect

Where we can get the information from the internet is that there are some negative effects. Some people are spreading very wrong and dirty content on the internet. like Facebook TikTok Instagram teenagers are going the wrong way. They are doing wasteful activities away from the real purpose of their life.

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