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what is Human Behaviour in Psychology

what is Human Behaviour in Psychology

When we use any words there is some emotion behind these words. There are two possible meanings of our words that we use in our daily life first emotionally secondly objectively. When we used a word we can describe our feelings regarding something or some person. Here we discuss the objective meaning of the word and the emotional meaning of the word.

what is Human Behaviour in Psychology:

we explain human behaviour in two ways. They are following:

Objective meaning:

Objective meaning is that there is nothing feeling about something. when we use an objective word there is no purpose or feeling regard this thing or person. Here are examples that clearly define the objective meaning. When we see small four-footed animals on the road and call it a dog. It means the dog is a member of the class of four-footed animals. The word dog as we have used it has a plain straight forward and objective meaning. If a dog has different parents such that the mother belonged to an Irish terrier and the father a bulldog we can call it a dog of mixed breed. The word mixed breed carries an objective meaning.

Emotional meaning:

When we associate our own liking or disliking to a thing it means that we have attached our emotion to it. If we call a dog of mixed breed a mongrel it means that we have tried to arouse in our hearers an emotional attitude of disapproval toward that Particular dog.

So we can say that a word therefore can not only indicate an objective but can also suggest an emotional attitude toward it. Such an emotional attitude is not scientific because approvals and disapprovals are individual. An animal that is faithful to its master may be a mongrel to the neighbor whose chickens are chased by it. Similarly Negro may be a colored man to a neutral observer but the use of the word nigger in place of Nigro is bound to produce contempt. This will be the emotional use of the word. Our disputes in politics religion and domestic are due to emotional use of the word.

Here are some more examples that described the emotional and objective meaning of words.

The words firm obstinate and pig-headed express the same meaning. Firm means not easily influenced and pigheaded means difficult to deal with. These three words maximum showed the same meaning but they have different emotional meanings. Each word expresses different feelings of liking or disliking. The firm is a positive word. It expresses the positive quality of men. It expresses the strong approval of a person. On the other side, obstinate is a bit negative word. It expresses slight disapproval. Pig-headed shows strong disapproval.

Use of Words in Political:

Emotional thinking does inhabit someplace in life but largely it upsets the smooth running of life.. for example, the use of emotional words in poetry and art lends beauty to our expression. But the common use of emotional words in political thinking is quite unwanted.  Real democracy will come only when the solution to national and international problems is carried out by the scientific method of thought. I suggested that we should make a decision regarding politics in a cool manner. However, we can express our decisions with all the force of emotion we have. In my opinion, we can use scientific and objective words in politics and war. We see that the quarrels and controversies in religious politics and daily affairs of life arise due to the wrong use of words. Most of the quarrels and disputes in life can be avoided by the emotionless use of words. In politics, we still use emotional words. such words as Bolshevik, fascist, reactionary, revolutionary, and national honor are used in national and international political thinking. They carry more emotional than any other thing. We cause great disorder and trouble in politics and international affairs by the use of emotional words.

Emotional thinking in politics can blow the whole fabric of human civilization. We must try to make our thinking about political and international affairs unemotional and scientific. Ee should also apply the scientific principle to general affairs of life Personal thinking is as common as a seed. It is to be found in the leading Article of the newspaper in the discussion of people on political religious or moral questions. In order to understand it, we should collect specimens by putting them down on paper, and then we should dissect them.

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