what is the Definition of Democracy


Democracy is a popular form of government. It works successfully in many countries of the world. in this plan of government, people select their own rulers.

The sense of democracy is it I shouldn’t that people should behave so respect himself and should behave opportunity equal to that of every other human being to show what he was meant to become.

In a democratic country. There are many political parties. they take part in elections. The party which wins by the majority of votes is declared successfully. The rest of the parties sit on the opposition benches. in the assembly, important issues are discussed by both the ruling party as well as the opposition party. the decision on different problems of the country is taken after much thinking. democracy is the most powerful form of government without public participation and collaboration democracy cannot flourish properly.

Dictatorship is a method of government in which one party or one person controls the country. the entire power rest with that party or the ruler that party comes into power after the election. however, unlike democracy, there is no opposition party. in a dictatorship, no one can oppose the ruler.

Another side democracy is a form of government for the people by the people and through the people .in democracy, there is full freedom off expressing public opinion. an individual enjoys full freedom to think right and express his views. the press is completely free.  the policies the government debated and discussed freely in the newspaper as well as in the assembly hall. In a democracy, a person enjoys respect and importance. in a democracy, the poor will have more power than the rich because there are more of them and the will of the majority is leading. democracy is linked with justice.. everybody has equal rights in the eye of law. the voters can choose and remove their ruler according to their own will. this form of government is popular and successful in America British India Pakistan and Japan.

democracy has failed in underdeveloped countries. It has not worked successfully in many Asian countries. The reason for its failure is the following democracy is a difficult system of government. Only the educated and responsible people can understand and run it. in underdeveloped countries most people are uneducated and backward so they cannot understand the real spirit and structure of our democratic system of government most of the people in these countries are poor at the time of election the voter are bribed and tempted to give their vote in favor of irresponsible an uneducated candidate. In this way in a democracy that responsible and educated candidates do not return to the assembly. Here we see the world of Abraham Linkon.

he said that

as i whould not be a slave so i would not be a master this expresses my idea of democracy.

In a democratic form of government, the candidate used unfair means to win the election. the candidate of the rival party our kidnap. So the nation that followed the rule of democracy in the best way they are successful.

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